Mission Statement

The mission of the International Hapkido Federation (IHF) is to be the world's leading Hapkido organization by promoting and instructing its members in the philosophy and technique of traditional Hapkido as it has been handed down from Master to student throughout the centuries.

The IHF has been established to teach its students a "way of life" based upon traditional Hapkido philosophies and training methods.

We continue to strive to be recognized throughout the world as the foremost center for the teaching and training of traditional Hapkido.

Our instructors will insure that our students receive the highest level of training and education based upon the traditional methods of Hapkido.

Our Black Belts and students must represent the highest levels of integrity and shall represent the IHF at all times.

Our doors will always remain open for those who have the inner strength, courage and perseverance to learn, grow and contribute in the continuation of the Hapkido legacy.