Welcome to Grand Master Bong Soo Han's official Web site. This site offers a window into Grand Master Han's life-long dedication to the powerful art of Hapkido. Access to this site will provide you with detailed information about Grand Master Han, the art of Hapkido and the International Hapkido Federation.

Known as the Father of Hapkido in the United States, Grand Master Han was known as the one of the most significant martial artists in the world. Within the pages of this Web site, you will find his biography as well as a definition and history of his chosen art. You will gain familiarity with the International Hapkido Federation (IHF), of which Grand Master Han was the Founder, including information regarding federation objectives, the IHF headquarters, and IHF membership.

Finally, this official Web site will serve as a gateway to your own personal journey along the same path Grand Master Han traveled towards the study and mastery of Hapkido. You will be provided with the means to begin or continue your study of this compelling, traditional Korean martial art, either at Grand Master Bong Soo Han's Hapkido Studio in Santa Monica, California or at your own school in affiliation with the International Hapkido Federation.

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  • For its long-standing commitment to preserving and perpetuating the legacy of hapkido, Black Belt presented Bong Soo Han’s International Hapkido Federation with the 2006 Industry Award for Best Traditional School. Click on the icon for more info.
  • Belt Tests are the last Friday of every month at Grand Master Han's studio in Santa Monica, CA.  All are welcome to come observe and support the testing candidates.
  • Curious? Come and try a free class and find out if Hapkido is for you. Check our schedule for any beginer class during the week. Come in sweats or shorts and ready to challenge your body and your mind.

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Grand Master Han passed away on January 8, 2007.  If you wish to leave your comments about Grand Master Han or wish to read what he has meant to others, please click here.